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Art of Italian cuisine

Brickwood is the home of Traditional Italian cuisine where our menus are tailored to offer real Italian Flavours to our guests’. Our aim is to ensure that you have a memorable experience, with impeccable service and great food.

THE BRICKWOOD signature flavours are a combination of Fresh Arugula Leaves, Greek Feta homemade Sun Dried Tomatoes. This combination of flavours and colours are bright and bold, resembling the true spirit of Italian Cuisine. Even the colours resemble the Italian colours of Green, White and Red.

Our Spread

"We serve a wide range of amazing food and whether you’re in a rush or want to indulge yourself, Brickwood is the place to be."

There are several options catering to every occasion, whatever your appetite. We have the most amazing chocolate fudge cake which goes perfectly with the Italian Roast coffee. Our range of Gourmet Pizzas are as bold with flavour as they are in Italy. Or try our Signature Juicy Burgers or Steaks for the meat lover inside of you.

Our Legends

Signature handcrafted delicacies made fresh everyday

Brickwood Signatures

The Legendary Pulled Cheesy Garlic Bread is a creation of our Chef, with a homemade garlic bun oozing with Imported Mozzarella Cheese.
The Verdure Pizza is our take on the favourite - Onion, Tomato Capsicum pizza. We have reinvented it with Fresh cherry Tomatoes with Red, Yellow and Green Bell Peppers and Onion, topped with Imported Mozzarella and baked to perfection in the Wood Fired Oven.
The signature BRICKWOOD Burger is in harmony with our flavour elements, of the Green White and Red. It has chicken marinated in a homemade sun dried tomato pesto and cooked to a juicy texture, topped on a bed of fresh Arugula, with Greek feta cheese
We use only Pure chocolate to make the most orgasmic Chocolate fudge cake and molten Chocolate cake, which is served with Fresh bean Vanilla Icecream.
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