Our Story

Our Restaurant

We have an open kitchen, showing our Brick Oven to guests creating that sense of theatre. Our menus are designed keeping our Wood Fired Brick Oven at the heart of it. Most of the food is cooked in the Wood Fired Oven at temperatures twice that of regular ovens.

Brickwood is a cozy neighbourhood restaurant where you can pop in at any time. Our menus cater for every occasion, right from Breakfast until dinner. Pop in for a chat with friends over coffee & cake, or enjoy some of our signature pizzas.


Our Food

All of our food is fresh and freshly prepared to create those wonderful Italian flavours day-in day-out. We like to use the best of produce so that our guests can experience the best of creations. We source all of our Italian produce from Italy and use our local suppliers for all of our Meat and veg requirements.

We like to produce menus that are unique and produce dishes that you would not necessarily cook at home. These are our point of difference items that we continually work on to produce flavours that excite the senses.

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